A gaming computer under CZK 30 is a professional solution for resource-intensive games and high-quality graphics. Masters PCPRAHA they offer high performance builds that are relevant for 2022-2023. Even in the default PC configuration for 30 CZK, it freely distributes 000-80 fps, which professional gamers and streamers will appreciate.

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Displaying all 15 results

The catalog contains sets of gaming computers up to CZK 30:

For users who care about price but need quality graphics and gameplay.
Run resource-intensive games and applications at maximum performance;
For professional e-athletes.

We use the best components from world manufacturers to build a powerful gaming PC. PC builds worth up to CZK 30 use the latest Intel Core i000, i5, AMD Ryzen 7, 5 processors and paired with GeForce RTX, GTX and AMD Radeon graphics cards.

Each system unit is completely assembled by one engineer and then subjected to stress tests. Delivery is made in any region of the Czech Republic, the computer is insured for the full price.