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Price list of computer repairs and service

We offer service and repair of our computers as an additional service free of charge, which is why we have such favorable prices. By purchasing a computer from us, you will get, in addition to an excellent machine, computer care at the best prices in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Price list for repairing and servicing gaming computers

Price list of services and servicing

Basic services


Service Price
Fault diagnosis (closer determination of the problem and its possible causes + preliminary solution proposal) 450 CZK
Component testing (stress or otherwise specialized testing of components to rule out defects) 500 CZK
PC upgrade (device diagnostics, suggestion for hardware improvement to achieve higher performance + execution) 700 CZK
Complete PC assembly (design – gaming, office, etc., assembly, installation of Windows with drivers and freeware software as required) 1500 CZK
PC composition with imported components with consultation and installation of Windows and drivers. 3000 CZK

Working with data: backup, recovery and rescue of data

Service Price
Data backup (according to volume, saving data to CD, DVD, BR, HDD, Flashdisk media) 500 CZK
Data recovery and rescue (depending on the time required, saving data to media (see above) from a non-mechanically damaged HDD) 1000 CZK
Erasing data from hard disk (non-recoverable deletion of sensitive data while preserving the original system) 600 CZK

Software and Windows Operating System

Service Price
Windows installation with basic drivers - Windows 10 Professional (system + drivers necessary for proper PC operation) 1000 CZK
Installation of Windows COMPLETE - Windows 10 Professional (system + drivers necessary for proper PC operation + application package + Office + basic games) 1500 CZK
Optimizing / speeding up the system (cleaning the OS, checking running applications and background processes, disk defragmentation, identifying slow-down applications) 800 CZK
System de-virus (removal of viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses, etc.) 800 CZK

Gaming computer maintenance and repair

Service Price
Internal cleaning (complete disassembly of hardware, dusting of individual components, cleaning of fans, etc.) 800 CZK
Replacing the cooling paste (replacing the heat-conducting paste on the processor and GPU chips) 600 CZK
Replacement of components (hard disk, RAM memory, graphics card, CD/DVD drive, memory card reader) 500 CZK
Replacing components (source, motherboard, processor) 800 CZK
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