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Guarantee"PcPraha No worries"

Commercial warranty PcPraha No worries is an extension of the standard statutory warranty. Worried about a broken gaming PC? Leave your worries to us.

Comparison of Statutory Warranty and Extended Warranty PcPraha No worries.

Extended Commercial Warranty PcPraha Carefree includes the following extensions:


1. Immediate processing of the complaint

Your claim will be dealt with immediately. Yes, you read that right: Immediately.

You simply bring a broken computer to our store and we will repair it for you within a few hours: We will replace the broken part, or replace the entire PC with an identical one. It is therefore possible to expect processing of the claim within hours.

2. Free problem diagnosis

Every warranty repair is preceded by a basic diagnosis of the problem, where it is necessary to find out which part of the gaming PC set is not working properly. We carry out this and that diagnosis in full for free.

Take a look at the price list, that's it really free.

This means that you pay nothing even if the problem with the PC is not on our side. You pay nothing even if it is an unauthorized claim. So don't be afraid and don't hesitate to contact us with your unruly computer.

remote computer assistance
replace the computer for free in Prague

3. Spare gaming computer

A unique peace of mind guarantee. We will never leave you in trouble. In case things get that complicated. that the immediate implementation of the claim will not be possible, we will provide you with a replacement PC with similar or better parameters.

4. Remote diagnosis of PC problem

 Upon mutual agreement, we will help you identify a problem with your computer remotely via TeamViewer or Skype. You have full control over your computer during the entire diagnostic.

Remote computer repair

free pc diagnostics
remote pc repair

5. Remote computer repair

 We will repair your malfunctioning computer or its component remotely. We will send you a spare part - component by express mail / courier, and our technician will instruct and navigate you through its replacement. Don't worry that it would be complicated: we know our computers very well, so we know exactly the most suitable way to fix it, where to put and replace what.

6. Premium post-warranty service

Even after the warranty expires, we will not forget you and will take care of the problems associated with your unruly PC. This applies to all the products we supply, especially gaming computers, even after a longer period of time after the warranty has expired.

Service price list for customers PcPraha No worries.

7. Free PC upgrade

You only pay the price of the new components. We will buy back the old components. Gaming PC demands are rising and you don't have to spend money to buy a new PC. We will take care of upgrading your PC purchased from us. This applies throughout the warranty period PcPraha No worries.

8. The cheapest computer service in the Czech Republic and the EU

The package allows you to take advantage of the cheapest prices for computer service and repairs in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

Many service fixes and support are even free.

You can find the service price list here.

the best price in Prague and in the EU

benefits PcPraha No worries:

  • Complaints do not last 30 days, but are processed immediately, without waiting and, moreover, free of charge - No worries
  • Genuine warranty for the entire warranty period. Yes, you will be provided with a real full warranty beyond the statutory warranty, exactly as you expect.
  • If the error is elsewhere and is not related to our product, for example a purely software problem, we know how to help you and offer you a solution so that you can use your computer. Free minor repair. Otherwise at a special reduced price during the warranty period PcPraha No worries. In the same way, we can reinstall the gaming computer and put it in the original settings, just like when you unpacked it on the first day, for a special price.
  • Option to extend the warranty to more years like the standard statutory warranty.
  • Free computer upgrade. You only pay the price of the components we upgrade.
  • Reduced prices for selected services for you.

Examples of commercial guarantees PcPraha No worries:

  1. Mr. Šikovník from Olomouc is angry with his gaming computer. He wrote to us
    in the evening on messenger and after investigation by our technician, it is evident that the problem is exclusively on the side of the graphics card, which turns off after playing for a long time. The Lord has several options:
    Either he comes to us with his computer and we'll fix it for him right away, or else
    The gentleman will only bring the graphics card to us and we will exchange it for him
    he didn't have to lug around the entire PC setup. Or Mr. Mr. Handyman
    we will send the same graphics card and the gentleman will change it himself at home according to ours
    instructions and then sends us his non-functional card back. The Lord chooses
    option 3 and so we send him a new graphics card, which he subsequently
    he changes it himself and sends it back to us in the box he just got,l his naughty
    graphics card.
  2. Mr. Rozemberg likes computer games and
    he can't shut down windows. So he turns to us. The Lord is from afar, from
    village near Karlovy Vary and so we find out with remote diagnostics that
    all computer components are working properly and its problem is
    software origin. The Lord subsequently admits that problems only appear
    after he downloaded the infected email and used the cracked utility on k's computer
    latest game. The woe of naughty malware stuff on PC is more and
    so Mr. Rozemberg is recommended to reinstall the computer and in the future
    using antivirus software. The gentleman does not pay anything, it is included in the price of the package
    PcPraha No worries. We will offer the gentleman to reinstall the PC, but as far as the gentleman is concerned
    from afar and he has an acquaintance who knows how to do it and is happy to help him, let the master
    Rozemberg reinstalling on your familiar. How many chocolates did the gentleman give to an acquaintance
    we don't know but we were not charged anything.

Warranty price PcPraha No worries

The price of the warranty service and extended warranty package is individual for each of our products. In general, this is a percentage price by which the product is increased during payment. You will see everything in your order.

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