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The best ASIC weights

The best ASIC miners

Our latest ASICy (mining) and gaming PC

List of the best mining machines ASIC


Since 2015, we have been offering the best solutions for crypto mining and at the same time producing our own gaming PCs with the best price-performance ratio.

Everything tailored with a free consultation

We will be happy to help you with setting up and configuring a mining miner, hosting, or with a gaming computer.
Our team of professional IT enthusiasts will provide you with expert technical advice in your selection so that your invested money brings you the most benefit and joy.

2 years warranty

We provide a guarantee for at least 2 years. In addition, we will help you with the setup for free. We can resolve complaints immediately within the next day for free. We operate a repair service center ASIC miners and graphics cards and projectors.

9 years on the market

Since 2015, we have been mining cryptocurrencies and building custom gaming computers.
Pro ASIC miners, we have developed our own cooling and noise reduction solution. We can accurately calculate the profitability and return on your investment in the mining of Bitcoins, Alt-coins, Kaspa and other currencies.


Service ASIC miners, GPU, PC

We operate a service ASIC miners for Bitmain, ICERIVER and Jasmine. We also repair graphics cards and projectors.

PC Testing a ASIC miners

Every ASIC the miner and PC that we deliver will go through a comprehensive check of the entire system. We will supply the customer with a test report with temperature and performance values.

Housing mining tezebnich rigu


We provide housing - hosting ASIC miners, GPU miners and servers in Prague and abroad.

The largest in CZ, SK and Central Europe

Since 2015, we have been giving you the best advice on everything related to crypto mining: Which miner is the best for you? How to set up the miner correctly? What all needs to be bought? What kind of internet is needed? How to set the right cooling and how to reduce noise? How much do you earn? When will your investment return?

The most profitable mining machines - ASICy

ASIC crypto mining

  • ✅Full warranty on ASIC weights
  • ✅Free training, connection, installation
  • ✅ Accurate calculation of earnings
Mining on your own ASIC machines is today the most profitable form of mining and investing in crypto.
It is always more advantageous than mining in the form of CLOUD, or investment in a company, or another intermediary of mining performance.
The only cost of mining is the purchase price and the price for electricity. We will help you minimize both cost components.

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Cryptocurrency mining, Investing in crypto and gaming computers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and throughout Europe

All about Cryptocurrency Mining

What options do you have with a budget of 10 CZK and what with a capital of 000 million Euro? Since 1, we have covered all methods of mining digital currencies: CPU, GPU, ASIC.

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When purchasing over CZK 70

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14 day money back guarantee

International warranty

Standard Warranty duration 2 years

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